Our young generation has a host of challenges in the world of social, economic, educational and environment conditions. Youngsters need to be well informed, alert, trained responsible, industrious and prestigious member of society. I can see the enthusiasm and accentuated spirit of demonstrating and inculcating in the students the real aim of education, the ebullient team constituting the faculty of this college has a vision and plan to excel in the field in molding the personalities of students into perfect devoted, diligent, vigilant, ardent and civilized citizens.

All-encompassing developments of the individual along with academics determine the strength and success of educational institution. The efficacy of the educational process depends on the ways and mean sought and utilized to help the students discover, polish and make use of their natural talents.

The indefatigable faculty here in actma College is determined to give the students knowledge and confidence and moulds them into formidable individuals. While realizing the fact that advancement in science, IT and humanities is inevitable for the advancement of the country.

actma College has aim to take solid and effective measures that can help students to excel in modern, technical, commercial and general fields of education that leads to the prosperity of Pakistan.

I wish you all the best in future to be assiduous to make your dreams come true and transform the most valuable individuals into a guarded and firm community.




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